Leaders make everyone around them better…

Every one of us have the ability to lead in some way. It doesn’t matter if you lead a team or you just lead yourself. You have an effect on us, your colleagues, in the way you interact with us and the expectations that you have for us to succeed. You and I – all of us – have the opportunity to do our part – to help our colleagues succeed. That’s what great leaders do. They make everyone around them “better”. In his book “True North”, Bill George said “Authentic leaders not only inspire those around them, they empower them to step up and lead.”

Today, I’d encourage you to look for opportunities to help the rest of us to be better. As you do that, several things will happen: 1) You’ll open up new opportunities for positive communication and building trust, 2) You’ll find yourself seeing new possibilities for your colleagues – and for yourself, and 3) You will be helping your workplace to become an even better place to work.

How will you lead today?