Answering your questions about Aerospace as a career

Wednesday, I was privileged to host a Times of India live chat session on Aerospace Careers. The audience (1856 people attended) posed some great questions that explored not only the Aerospace business but also the impact that global economic and political climates have on the industry. We also discussed how to prepare for an Aerospace career and the positive outlook for careers in Aerospace and Defense in India.
There were some particularly good questions that touched on company culture, talent acquisition, and retention. The transcript of all these great questions is posted on the Times of India site. I hope you’ll enjoy the chat topics, as I did.

– Dave


It’s worth it!

Leadership is not an easy job – but it can bring great fulfillment and satisfaction. Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic and now Harvard Business professor, captured it very well when he said:

“There is no satisfaction in your professional life that can compare to this… No individual achievement can equal the pleasure of leading a group of people to achieve a worthy goal. When you cross the finish line together, all the pain and suffering you may have experienced quickly vanishes. It is replaced by a deep inner satisfaction that you made a difference.”

It’s all worth it!

– Dave